T.L.'s 27th Birthday Lunch at Todai - Pacific Place

For T.L.'s 27th birthday, we went out to lunch at Pacific Place's Todai.
This is Leah in Legal and Matt, formerly of Helpdesk?

So, Matt started this trend of eating only the meat on top of the sushi.
He had piles and piles of rice that he surreptitiously disposed of in the loo.
Apparently the seared ahi was delish. I don't want life without rice in it.

Here's Matt, talking to one of the guys on my right--from these pictures,
you'd think there were only four of us there, but I didn't really catch any
pictures of the four other guys.

He doesn't like this picture, but it's what I got.

A trio, waiting for the elevator, so they can rush back to work.