Weekend at Mt. Baker: February 13-15

Photos by Sally and Dagmar

First night in The Cabins

Pick your poison, sugar: Elijah Craig or Rebel Yell!
(I thought this shot looked very Kentucky.)

Mt. Baker, Morning

The Well-Rested Shot: Before

Dagmar before class

He can't wait!

Another before class shot.

Todd's not sure about this.

I didn't know what I was getting into

Mt. Baker, Lunch

Lunchtime conversation--the sign in the back screws it all up

Todd in the Tavern at Lunch

Mt. Baker, After

Checkin time with the Merlin

Eric, having fun with the camera

The NOT Well-Rested Shot: After

Later that Evening

Valentines v. 1

Valentines v. 2


Poor Merlin, v. 1

Poor Merlin, v. 2

Eric, having fun with the camera again: this time revealing his mental state.

Time for Ice Cream


Merlin would really like just a taste (guess who's taking this picture?)

Lurking Squid

Sunday Morning: Nooksack Falls

Nooksack Falls v. 1

Nooksack Falls v. 2

More around Nooksack Falls

And still more.

The End.