Winterbrew 2003 at the Poodle Palace

(Hope the green doesn't look icky on your monitors! Because I am lazy, this will take the same format as the company xmas party's pictures.)

An aluminum tree! I love it!

The Poodle, Sir Shadow.

Too cool for school.

Future biotechnician, extraordinaire.

Keeper of the dirt on webcowgirl. My husband, peeking from behind him.

Jason and someone whose name I don't have permission to post yet. HA!

Girly Motomotoyama.

And her fantastic shoes!

Evidence of much riveting conversation.

I don't know this guy's name, but we keep running into each other...Hi, Guy!

Happy friends!


Webcowgirl with the Albuquerquois. Or is it Albuquerkians?

Sir Shadow, part 2. Is that a cookie you got?

Final shot of tree!

I forgot to take pictures of the brew...sorry!